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New Hidden Trick in iMac to Share Files Is the Thing You Want to Master

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macOS is good at handling drag and drops. While working on different files, one thing never seems to be easy: moving around the traditional files like PDFs or other documents. However, various apps include built-in applications; they have a shortcut. Using this shortcut makes your work easy, and you can easily upload PDF that is opened in preview to Google Drive without looking for it in a folder. Here is how it works: Use the title bar, where Apple puts traffic light-light style window controls and the open file's name. If you move your cursor on the file name, you will notice a small icon to the left. Clicking and dragging this icon is dragging your actual file using your file manager. It is not a new feature. This feature has been in Mac for a long time. You must know about this now.   Trick in iMac to Share Files When you are trying to read through a PDF for work or upload to DocumentCloud to embed this article in an article, you must use minimized preview and then look for files on the desktop using Quick look to ensure it is the correct file. However, with this feature, you just have to drag it.  There are a few other ways to use this feature. If you have a finder in a particular mode, you can use it quickly to copy the path of the folder. Also, you can use it in quick time to make screen-recorded GIFs you have in articles. There is a lot of copy-cutting and pasting happening while working. Different apps do some tasks. There is no way to pick up files from Obsidian and Photoshop. However, many apps use this feature, including Pages, Blender, Logic Pro, Nova, and even Microsoft Word.   Trick in iMac to Share Files One more bonus is added to it if you stick around in the title bar, and if you right-click there, you will see the name of the folder where it lives. So, you can quickly go to the designated folder and drag the file from there.  You will be surprised, but your productivity will increase with this feature. It will cut short the time you spend searching for files. 

By Raulf Hernes

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