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New Look Of Tumblr Web Browser Which Looks Like Twitter

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image credit - techcrunch.com Tumblr's web browser version is getting a new look after a month of testing with a small group of users. With this change, the "Compose" button has been moved to the bottom left of the screen. The company says that the reason for this change is to make sure that browsing on Tumblr is still easy and accessible for everyone, whether they have been using the site for years or just started. Also read - Meme-Loving Internet Could be Saved by Tumblr

New Tumblr Visual Is Like Twitter(X)

The platform's navigation bar is now on the left, which makes the new navigation system look a lot like X, which used to be called Twitter. In a formal statement, Tumblr said, "If you use Tumblr on a web browser, you may have noticed that we've been testing a brand new navigation system on your dashboard over the past month. Now, after making a lot of changes, we've started giving everyone with a web browser this new dashboard access. Good luck in the new world. It's a lot like the old world, but the way it's set up is different." [caption id="attachment_191146" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]tumblr image credit - staff.tumblr.com[/caption]

What Are Fixes On Tumblr

Important changes to the platform include moving the settings for subpages like "Account" and "Dashboard" to the right side of the settings page instead of an expandable item on the left menu. Also, the messaging windows on smaller screens were made better, and the Account area was streamlined to make it easier for users to get to their blogs. Tumblr wants to make it easier to find your way around. The platform is thinking about adding a navigation system that can be collapsed to make the best use of screen space for people with bigger screens. At the same time, work is being done to make user accounts and side blogs easier to get to. Tumblr is responsive to user needs because it uses user comments and changes its interface based on user preferences and behavior. The platform's focus on user-centred design is meant to give both new and long-time users the best experience possible, which will keep the platform's community engaged.

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