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New Malware from China-Backed Hackers Converts WiFi Routers Into a Malicious Proxy

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(Image credit- Kaspersky) A new virus that can turn routers into malicious proxies is being used by hackers supported by China. This recent revelation was corroborated by Check Point Research, a top cyber threat intelligence agency, in their official report. According to a statement on the cybersecurity firm's official blog, "Check Point Research has closely monitored a series of targeted attacks aimed at European foreign affairs entities over the past few months." The Camaro Dragon APT organization, which the Chinese government sponsors, is connected to these campaigns, according to CPR.

New Malware from China-Backed Hackers Converts WiFi Routers Into Malicious Proxy

The reports claim that Chinese state-sponsored hackers are using the new virus to attack routers in homes and small offices. They can create a network out of WiFi routers using this new malicious firmware, which will covertly transmit communications to command and control servers. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]China-Backed Hackers' New Malware Turns WiFi Routers Into Malicious Proxy; CPR Shares Details | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] According to CPR, the new spyware has a fully functional backdoor. This makes it possible for malicious actors to connect to affected devices and transfer files. In addition to these capabilities, the new malware can upload, download, delete, and issue commands remotely. The malware, according to Check Point Research specialists, was found in TP-Link router firmware images. The New Malware Check Point's main goal According to research, the malware's primary objective seems to be transferring traffic between affected routers. The control infrastructure, however, was run by hackers affiliated with Mustang Panda, an advanced threat actor working for the Chinese government, as the cybersecurity intelligence agency found out. According to CPR, the connections between the Chinese state-sponsored hackers and the Mustang Panda suggest that they are just employing WiFi routers as a tool to further their own objectives. Also read: For Security Reasons, Installing A New Router Is A Must According to Check Point Research, they were looking into nefarious efforts targeting European foreign affairs organizations when they came across the new malware.  

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