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New smart air quality sensor from IKEA VINDSTYRKA is available

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New smart air quality sensor from IKEA VINDSTYRKA is available-GadgetAny
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Photo Credit: IKEA

The VINDSTYRKA smart air quality sensor from IKEA is now available in the US, the UK, and the EU. The gadget can be used to measure the temperature, humidity, or presence of small particles in your house. Additionally, the sensor may be managed using an app and connected to other smart home gadgets.

The IKEA VINDSTYRKA, which debuted in the UK and EU earlier this year, is now offered in the US. The intelligent air quality sensor can gauge your room’s temperature, humidity, PM2.5 level, and relative concentration of total volatile organic compounds (tVOC). For context, consider that cooking, fireplaces, paint, cleaning supplies, and aerosols all produce volatile organic compounds in the home.

IKEA VINDSTYRKA: New air quality sensor with display - Matter & Apple  HomeKit Blog

Photo Credit: Smartapfel.com

These data points are displayed on an internal display, which uses a color-coded system to show if the air quality is good, bad, or okay. You can get this data via the IKEA Home smart app using the IKEA DIRIGERA hub. It’s important to note that the device is incompatible with TRADFRI, the company’s other smart home hub. The STARKVIND air purifier, which you can activate when the air quality is poor, is one of the smart devices that you can connect the VINDSTYRKA to.

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The small device is enclosed in a white plastic shell that is 2 x 2.25 x 3.5 in (51 x 57 x 89 mm) in size. While the air quality sensor comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable and is powered by USB-C, you are still need to supply a USB charging plug. The IKEA VINDSTYRKA smart air quality sensor costs $49.99 in the US. The product has a suggested retail price of £35 in the UK and about €39.99 in the EU.

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