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New study warns of high levels of bacteria on Apple Watch bands- Should be Clean Regularly!

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(Image credit- New York Post) Your Apple Watch band is a breeding place for bacteria, which will come as completely unsurprising news to many. A deeper examination of the issue has just been published in the Advances in Infectious Diseases journal, which identifies a link between particular Apple Watch band designs and increased bacterial counts.

Your Apple Watch Band Can be a Home for Dangerous Bacteria

A group of researchers from Florida Atlantic University conducted the study, as per the reports. Bands composed of rubber, fabric, leather, plastic, gold, and silver were included in the study, along with those for other wearables. The goal was to find a "between the wristband's material and bacteria build-up." The analysis immediately discovered that 95% of the bands were "contaminated with some kind of dangerous bacteria." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2000"]Apple Watch bands are breeding grounds for bacteria - 9to5Mac Image credit- 9to5Mac[/caption] Additionally, Staphylococcus spp, which can lead to staph infections, is the most prevalent species of bacterium drawn to Apple Watch bands. It was discovered in 85% of the bands. However, the researchers note that this "was not unexpected." The number of cases of pseudomonas aeruginosa, a type of bacteria that the CDC claims can cause pneumonia, infections in the blood, and other conditions, was found to be 30%, which the researchers found to be especially alarming. Additionally, 60% of the wearables assessed by the researchers contained E. coli bacteria. Moreover, Participants in the study who wore their Apple Watches or other devices while exercising displayed the highest amounts of bacteria, which is not surprising. According to the study, "The gym-goer showed the highest staphylococcal counts, emphasizing the need to sanitize wristbands after engaging in rigorous activity at the gym or at home." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Your Apple Watch Could Be a Health Hazard Image credit- iDrop News[/caption]

Clean Your Apple Watch Band Regularly

The highest bacterial counts were found in leather bands, followed by those made of cotton, rubber, and plastic, according to the researchers. Because metal bands aren't frequently worn during workouts, it's possible that they carry very little bacteria. The study's conclusion explains that these figures show how crucial it is for wearable device users to regularly sterilize their bands, including those who use the Apple Watch and other devices. According to researcher Nwadiuto Esiobu, "the quantity and taxonomy of bacteria we found on the wristbands show that there is a need for routine sanitation of these surfaces." When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your Apple Watch bands? The best procedures for sanitizing Apple's various Apple Watch band types are detailed on the Apple support page. Also read: Apple Watch X reportedly coming with revolutionary health feature

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