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New Tesla Model 3 To Adopt Feature From Model S And Model X

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It is well known that Tesla is developing an updated Model 3 vehicle. A new video reveals the entry-level electric vehicle may incorporate a contentious feature from the larger variant S and Model X, albeit nothing is known about the facelifted variant. An engineer may be seen entering the cabin of a Model 3 prototype in a video uploaded to YouTube. The driver swipes the touchscreen at 3:19 and then starts driving. Although it's hard to detect, we fail to notice the gear changer located on the column. We can only presume that they were using the touchscreen, a feature that was only made available on the larger versions a few years back, to shift the car into gear. We have to wonder: what was wrong with the normal gear selector, even though this may bring the Model 3 more in line with the rest of the lineup. On some versions, the left side of the screen displays a top-down representation of a car when using this left-field gear selection. The car can be put in "Drive" or "Reverse" by the driver moving their finger in the corresponding direction. While some people think this is a cool feature, others have criticized the arrangement because of how difficult it is to use. [caption id="attachment_173809" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]2023-Tesla-Model-3 Image credit : MotorTrend[/caption] We can anticipate the turn signal and high beam controls to be moved to the steering wheel if the new Model 3 debuts without conventional column stalks. The car industry has mostly moved away from this design since Ferrari was the first to transfer these functions to the steering wheel because it is complicated and confusing. We don't know why Tesla is taking this action, especially with a model that is selling so well, but we assume it has to do with cost-cutting. Also read : Microsoft Bing to Include ChatGPT? Here Are the Results If AI Is Integrated It is challenging to see any styling updates due to the camouflage. However, when viewed from the front, the headlight cluster's outline is visible. It doesn't look like the Roadster-inspired cluster we saw in the rumored leak from earlier this year; instead, it looks fairly similar to the current design. On the other hand, it can be a trick intended to fool onlookers and enquiring photographers. It will be interesting to see what other design tweaks the updated Model 3 receives when it arrives. Perhaps Tesla will provide the controversial new steering wheel with the yoke and give customers the option to choose between it and a more traditional design.

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