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New TikTok-like Functions Are Added to the Spotify App: View More

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New TikTok-like Functions Are Added to the Spotify App: View More-GadgetAny

Spotify Reveals New TikTok-Like Vertical Feed at Stream On. (Image credit- Billboard)

Spotify is reportedly revamping its mobile app, which will feature the same TikTok-based vertical feed popularized by the up-and-coming social media site.

According to the reports, the update called “Stream On,” brings more spontaneous user navigation, like a new “Smart Shuffle” mode for playlist recommendations, an autoplay podcast feature, and much more.

Basically, to give its users a more interactive and captivating experience, Spotify revealed a Tik Tok-like feature by redesigning its mobile app.

The new update of the Spotify mobile app comprises the vertical scrolling ” discovery” feed, a new podcast autoplay feature, and a new ” Smart Shuffle” mode for playlist suggestions.

Spotify debuts its TikTok-style music discovery feed | Engadget
Image credit- Engadget

Users will able to get access to a personalized playlist spawned by the Spotify AI-driven logarithm with the new Smart Shuffle feature, as explained in the reports.

Additionally, it simply gains the user’s taste in music and then customizes their playlist accordingly, as it will show the matches of the song and artists that are liked by them.

Moreover, the app also adds a new feature that will be familiar to many TikTok users, a new vertical video feed. The feature is more likely to design to a sense of community by motivating users to create and share music-related content.

However, it’s also a great way to keep users know about upcoming events related to the music industry,  and to discover new acts and songs that are most trending right now.

Spotify also declutters the issues which users were facing, as it becomes difficult to use because of many unwanted suggestions to them. But now, it simplifies everything and gives a sorted experience to its users.

Spotify's TikTok-Like Vertical Discovery Feed Explained
Image credit- consequence.net

According to the reports, the August 2022 separation of music and podcasts into separate feeds created a space where users could quickly browse through content to find the best songs or podcast recommendations.

Even though Spotify hasn’t yet disclosed any plans to add ads to the app, it is obvious that the new design provides a platform for the company to do so, at least in the future.

However, the fact that advertisements would ultimately increase revenue and subscription costs could be good news for Spotify. Overall, the redesign appears to be shaking up the music streaming industry and may even attract users who have never tried Spotify.

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Meanwhile, we can say that the app might attract a whole new generation of music lovers with its revamped design and more individualized experience. Also, the company has been putting a lot of effort into making its platform, Spotify more interactive and user-friendly, and the “Stream On” update is just paving its path.

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