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New "Unified" Volume Buttons Will Be on Apple's iPhone 15 Pro: Report

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Apple's iPhone 15 Pro will be a completely innovative device from the company, as per leaks the latest design for its volume buttons are on its way. Additionally, the Mute switch button is also included in the update, as it would change the whole side's design and function, now with a Force Touch-enabled button instead of the slide switch. The update moves around on having fewer moving parts for the iPhone 15 Pro series claims the reports, and significantly, it would protect itself from contagious dirt, a problem for the side switch for a long duration now. The reports claim that the iPhone 15 Pro has a new update to its design, as per the insiders from the company, and this would be an update to its volume button. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="594"]Apple's iPhone 15 Pro to Have New 'Unified' Volume Buttons says Report,  Force Touch for Mute from Slide Switch | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption]
It would be a "unified" design that would be on a single display instead of having distinct Volume Up and Down buttons but would be the combination of the command that a user gives, based on the position of their press. However, the focus will shift away from physical buttons, which can break if a user drops the device, and towards touch features, which are more durable because they contain fewer moving components. Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted last year that Apple would use a solid-state capacitive touch button for its volume control, a first for iPhones, in place of physical buttons. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]iPhone 15 Pro might sport single, unified volume rocker, mute button Image credit- MSN[/caption]
The iPhone 15 Pro update would redesign the complete left side panel and add the mute side switch for users, which previously required sliding from side to side to operate. It will be comparable to the Force Touch from the iPhone 7, which was first used for the device's home button, the report claims. It will be a button that requires a specific actuation in order to detect the shift in place of the notoriously dirty sliding mechanism. Also read: Apple TV Remote not working? Easy way to fix There have been numerous leaks and rumors about what Apple will unveil for the iPhone 15 Pro lineup this year, which will be its flagship product and feature the latest smartphone technology. Meanwhile, one of the main improvements in the upcoming iPhone 15 will be to the cameras, which will have a rumored larger bump than the iPhone 14 and better picture and video capabilities.

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