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Newest Smartwatch Collection from Citizen Watches Features NASA Technology

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Newest Smartwatch Collection from Citizen Watches Features NASA Technology-GadgetAny
Citizen Watches


The Smart PQ2 watch line is the most recent step in Citizen Watch’s effort to provide smart, constantly improving wearable technology. With the introduction of these timepieces, Citizen Watch has established itself as a leader in self-care technology. 

The Smart PQ2 collection, according to the report, is equipped with the newest innovations, technologies, and features. Each watch has a built-in self-care advisor that makes use of the CZ Smart YouQ wellness application, a patented technology created by Citizen Watch. 

This clever program compiles wearer data, like as pulse rate and sleep patterns, to offer tailored recommendations and reminders. The Smart PQ2 series has both complex software and high-end materials. 

For optimal comfort and durability, the collection’s models are all comprised of stainless steel and sapphire crystal. A scratch- and water-resistant coating adds an additional layer of protection to the touchscreen devices. 

Citizen brings NASA tech to your wrist with 2nd-gen smartwatch collection
Image credit- MobileSyrup

The Smart PQ2 line of watches also incorporates Citizen Watch’s practice of making environmentally friendly goods. Both the watch boxes and the watch straps are constructed from recycled materials. 

With the Smart PQ2 line, Citizen Watch is obviously committed to producing a breakthrough sort of watch. They are opulent pieces of jewelry and fashion statements in addition to being jam-packed with cutting-edge technology. 

The Smart PQ2 range of timepieces is sure to draw attention, whether they are used as a fitness tracker or as fashionable accessories. There is bound to be something available to meet any lifestyle, with costs starting at $399 and a variety of colors and styles.

The Citizen CZ Smart YouQ wellness application, which was created utilizing ground-breaking research from NASA and IBM Watson AI technology, is included with the Smart PQ2 watches. 

Before providing advice suited to their needs, the program gathers and analyses data such as the wearer’s heart rate and sleeping habits. Fans may learn more on the official Citizen Watch website about the CZ Smart YouQ application, which is only accessible on the second-generation touchscreen and hybrid CZ Smartwatches. 

Citizen Watches Launches Latest Smartwatch Collection with NASA Tech | Tech  Times
Image credit- Tech Times

Both iOS and Android devices can be used with the recently released watches. Depending on the model chosen, they can be purchased for between $399 and $499 on Citizen’s website and at Best Buy Canada. 

Anyone looking for a considerate and knowledgeable health and wellness helper may find the Smart PQ2 series to be a fantastic investment given its characteristics. 

The device’s built-in software and AI capabilities enable it to track and monitor users’ physical and mental health as well as provide recommendations for how to best improve it. This enables users to maintain long-term control over their health. 

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The technology fits in well with any lifestyle because it is lightweight, slim, and very user-friendly. Additionally, because of its water resistance, customers can use it when diving, surfing, or swimming.

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