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Nightmare-inducing AI-generated TV station is imitating '90s sitcoms

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A "TV show" that just appeared on Twitch TV and amassed tens of thousands of admirers in a matter of days represents the most recent use of AI generation. The sitcom Nothing, Forever imitates the format of Seinfeld from the 1990s, in which a group of pals discuss their lives. The AI-generated web program pays homage to the moniker of the popular show, "the show about nothing," which it was known as during its prime. This Infinite Sitcom Generator Is Broadcasting A Show About Nothing, Forever - IGN Photo Credit: IGN The show's protagonist, Larry, is a comedian who occasionally performs stand-up routines in between scenes that take place in his flat. There are also outside images of his brownstone in New York, which is a computer-generated version of the real building from the comedy. The aforementioned Larry, as well as Fred, Yvonne, and Kackler, are the characters in the show. They are artificially created to resemble Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and Cosmo Kramer from the program that served as inspiration, in that order. The media lab that created the online series, Mismatch Media, leverages OpenAI's GPT-3 to create the witty scenarios of "Nothing, Forever," in addition to Larry's stand-up. This AI-Generated, Endless Seinfeld-Like Show Paints A Wild Picture Of Entertainment's Future Photo Credit: Looper For instance, Yvonne discusses receiving a new cat that she has called Mr. Pickles in one scene. Mr. Pickles is a strange name for a cat, according to Fred, unless you really enjoy pickles. Larry then requests that she give the cat pickles. Yvonne responds that while she would feed the cat food, she would probably occasionally treat him to slices of pickle. Fred then wonders if she would experience any typical cravings as a result, like a hankering for pickle and mustard sandwiches. The next track is a laugh track, which is followed by music with a Seinfeld beat. Except for the artwork, which is probably the logo, which resembles the Seinfeld branding, and the laugh track, everything seen, heard, or experienced on the show, according to Mismatch Media, is exclusively computer-generated utilizing machine learning and AI algorithms. The program is designed to function continuously while continuously producing new AI material. During commercial breaks, the broadcast shows a TV directory with listings for various shows like All My Children, Access Hollywood, and The Late Late Show in addition to actual Twitch TV advertisements. The possibility to create new content while still being live and broadcast could be amusing for the creators. Right now, everyone may watch Nothing, Forever for free, whether or not they have a Twitch TV account. To participate in the live chat, you must first create an account. On Friday, the web series attracted between 11,600 and 12,500 viewers throughout the day. What's the deal with this AI Seinfeld stream? - The Verge Photo Credit: The Verge The media lab claims to have intentions to expand subscriptions for its channel, although for now it only has a $5/month Patreon. Fans can sign up for the show's Discord server.

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