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‘No Man’s Sky’ Fractal update revamps VR gameplay in time for its PS VR2 launch

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No Man's Sky reimagined itself for virtual reality in 2019. It's currently doing it once more, almost four years later. Fractal, a free upgrade for No Man's Sky that completely revamps the virtual reality experience on all platforms, was announced by Hello Games in conjunction with the launch of PlayStation VR2. The studio said in a blog post on Wednesday that it had completely overhauled the HUD and user interface in No Man's Sky so that every interaction felt purposeful and natural. So, while playing No Man's Sky in VR, Hello Games has come up with some ingenious ways for you to interact with your tools. For instance, a menu built into the Multi-Tool allows you to access all of its features. Users of PlayStation VR2 can anticipate a number of platform-specific improvements. The PS VR2 version of the game has increased reflections, richer foliage, higher-quality textures, and better draw distances, among other technical upgrades, thanks to the PlayStation 5's power. The 3D audio technology and sophisticated tracking that are the headset's standout qualities are also utilized in the PlayStation VR2 version. Best of all, if you feel like taking a break from the headset, you can easily switch between VR and regular gameplay. Also read : In 2023, Sony plans to produce 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets In case you don't have a VR headset, Hello Games is still interested in you. All No Man's Sky players can enjoy the new features and content in the Fractal update. In addition, a brand-new mission requires players to reconstruct a solar system. You can obtain new drone companions for your characters through participating, in addition to other rewards. In order to include additional accessibility features, Hello Games revamped the game's options interface. Gyro controls are now supported on the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck. All things considered, Fractal appears to be yet another significant update for a game that has advanced greatly since its rocky debut in 2016. No Man's Sky version 4.1 is currently available for download.

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