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Nokia may soon start selling refurbished devices

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Nokia may soon start selling refurbished devices-GadgetAny
Nokia Phones

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The Sustainability Progress Report 2023 from HMD Global, the licensee of the Nokia brand for smartphones and tablets, has some fascinating information about the business. The report focuses on the company’s sustainability strategy (obviously! ), and it is clear that HMD is committed to producing its goods sustainably, as are many other businesses today.

The idea originated in the UK and has since extended to other areas like the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany, with over 418,000 trees having been planted to date, according to HMD.

Our beloved Nokia WH-108 headphones, however, are no longer available because Nokia exchanged them for newly planted trees as part of a partnership with Ecologi.

Nokia vintage phones
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Following receipt of the Ecovadis Gold Award in 2021, HMD received the Ecovadis Platinum Award in 2022, recognizing the company’s dedication to sustainable business practices and elevating HMD Global to the top 1% of global corporations.

HMD has joined the European take-back scheme for recycling old electronics to demonstrate that the circular economy is more than just contemporary populism. In the second quarter of 2023, the business also intends to begin selling remanufactured Nokia phones.

In the UK and Germany at first, with intentions to expand to other regions, the company intends to make old smartphones available for purchase by consumers. This is unquestionably an excellent method to purchase a phone at a reduced cost that works well for all users. In this approach, I believe that G42 and X30, or G60, would be good options.

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Phones won’t just be sold to make money. To avoid having these devices end up in landfills (or someone’s drawer), HMD also donates returned and reconditioned phones to charities. HMD has given 700 phones to those who are digitally disadvantaged through its collaboration with the charity The Unconnected.

Additionally, they have assisted in the removal of 3.5 tons of plastic from waterways because of their collaboration with ClearRivers. Trade In and Circular are excellent business models, and I only hope that more markets in the EU or around the world were aware of their efforts.

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