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Norway's New Bicycle Tunnel: The Longest of Its Kind

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source: Gizmodo Australia Bergen, Norway is taking a unique approach to creating a friendlier environment for cyclists and pedestrians with the opening of the Fyllingsdalstunnelen, a 1.8-mile tunnel exclusively for bike riders and pedestrians. The tunnel will cut through one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, connecting the residential area of Fyllingsdalen to the center of the city. The tunnel, which will open on April 15th, is expected to take 10 minutes to bike through and up to 45 minutes to walk through. Despite the extended time spent in the tunnel, the Fyllingsdalstunnelen is built with safety and comfort in mind. The walls are beautifully decorated, and the tunnel is well-lit with colorful lighting fixtures. Rest stops and security cameras are placed every 800 feet, and the entire tunnel is heated to 44 degrees, making it an ideal passage during Norway's cold winters. The tunnel's construction was initially planned as an emergency tunnel for a parallel light rail tunnel, but plans were expanded to allow for public use. According to project manager Arild Tveit, the tunnel was meant to be an escape tunnel for the tram but was later modified to be accessible for bike riders and pedestrians. The walkway through the tunnel also provides an opportunity for exercise, making it a public health initiative as well. source: The National The tunnel's construction was funded by Bergen's state-supported Miljøløftet, or Environmental Promise in English, agency. The organization aims to encourage more people to cycle or walk instead of drive, reducing emissions, pollution, and traffic. The Fyllingsdalstunnelen will be the longest purpose-built cycling tunnel in the world when it opens on April 15th. While the United States has a longer tunnel, the Snoqualmie Tunnel, outside of Seattle, Washington, it was built in 1914 for the Milwaukee Road, a defunct railroad. The tunnel was abandoned in 1980 and converted into a rail trail, not purpose-built for cyclists and pedestrians. Overall, the Fyllingsdalstunnelen represents a unique approach to creating infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Rather than simply proposing protected bike lanes or closing streets to vehicle traffic, Bergen, Norway has taken an ambitious step forward with this new tunnel. The tunnel not only provides a safe and comfortable passage for bike riders and pedestrians but also contributes to public health initiatives and environmental goals.  

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