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Nothing Phone (1) back design flaunts an LED layout

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Nothing Phone (1) back design flaunts an LED layout-GadgetAny
Nothing Phone

The first smartphone by Nothing – Phone (1) has been the talk of the town ever since the company started to reveal its design. Now, a recent image gives customers a full view of the back of the phone. And, get this, it flaunts a unique LED layout. And here are some of the customers’ thoughts on the latest detail of Nothing Phone (1). 

According to a report by Android Central, 54% of the people loved the design. But, 32% did not care much about it, and only 13% revealed they did not like the design. One Twitter user expressed that people might compare Nothing’s Phone (1) design to other phones. For instance, many people are already comparing Phone (1) ‘s design to the iPhone 12. And this is probably because of the placement of the dual cameras on the back of Nothing Phone (1).

Nothing Phone (1) back design flaunts an LED layout

Furthermore, other readers pointed out that a case will cover the back. Interestingly, even Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), a YouTuber, pointed this out in his tweet. In addition, he recently posted a hands-on video of Nothing Phone (1) and its innovative LED design. But, CEO Carl Pei assured users that wouldn’t be an issue. So, does that mean the smartphone will come with creative and unique cases? Now, that’s something to think about.

Additionally, there are other factors to consider as well other than design. For instance, Nothing plans to build an ecosystem of devices around Nothing OS. In addition, Phone (1) will launch on July 12, and customers will get to know more details about it and its OS then. Plus, fans are waiting to see how Nothing Phone (1) will rival some of the best budget Android phones on the market. 

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