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Now add more colors to your watch- Thanks to Material You on Wear OS 4

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(Image credit- Android Central) One of the major updates to Wear OS 4 that Google is getting ready to release this autumn is Material You, which gives your wristwatch more color to complement your current watch face. With the release of version 3, Wear OS has seen remarkable advancements in recent years. This transition has been significantly influenced by Samsung, whose popular Galaxy Watch series switched from using Samsung's Tizen to Google's Wear OS. Whereas Google's requirement for a standardized user interface made the hardware and watch face the only significant differences between watches in the past, OEMs are now free to be more expressive when designing wearable software. Watchmakers can also give a customized and branded experience by moving away from Google's generic "Wear OS" phone app. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]Wear OS to gain Material You dynamic colors in a future update Image credit- 9to5 Google[/caption]   Of course, all watches begin with the same underlying Wear OS software that Google offers, which is powered by Android. Given this situation, Google has released an early sample of the update, which is accessible via the Android Studio emulator, to assist watchmakers and developers in getting ready for this fall's release of Wear OS 4. When Wear OS 4 was announced earlier this month, Google, however, didn't disclose many details about its useful upgrades. Google briefly discussed battery and text-to-speech enhancements, and we are aware that the upgrade will move watches from Android 11 to Android 13. The business also revealed a new "Watch Face Format" that is intended to standardize and streamline future designs. After closely examining the sample software, our APK Insight team discovered that Google has at least one significant design change planned for Wear OS 4: Material You. We were able to forcibly activate a brand-new "Enable dynamic theme" toggle in the Settings app, which, as you might guess, gave the smartwatch experience several of Material You's distinguishing color schemes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1750"]Material You on Wear OS 4 will make your watch more colorful Image credit- 9to5 Google[/caption] The Quick Settings section features the most noticeable color change, with each toggle being colored to match the color of your current watch face. For instance, the yellow color "Honey" produces golden brown accents, while the color "Lavender" adds a bright pink hue. Notably, Wear OS 4 defaults back to a blue color when using a watch face from the Play Store. We were unable to test the idea that the issue will be addressed for watches that make use of the common Watch Face Format. These new colors are also used in a few other places, such as the Settings app, but the majority of those cases have been more subdued accent colors than anything overt. Since components of the Google Play Store were also changed in color to match the watch face, it appears that Wear OS 4's dynamic theme colors may be accessible to app developers as well. Overall, Wear OS 4's addition of Material You dynamic colors is hardly ground-breaking, but it's wonderful to see Google provide a sense of uniformity between one's phone and smartwatch. A subtle but critical detail is having the color of your watch face appear throughout the experience, especially given how important fashion is to wear a smartwatch.  

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