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Now Book Train Tickets From Google Search in a Few Countries

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Now Book Train Tickets From Google Search in a Few Countries-GadgetAny

According to The Verge report, Google will launch a new feature to book train tickets to make traveling easy in a few countries.

When you search for two destinations, Google Search provides listings with a direct link connecting you to its partner website to book your ticket. Google is also rolling out another tool to help users search for hotel rooms and flights with low carbon emissions according to the flight emission rate.

The hotels have an eco-certified filter verified by organizations like the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and US Green Building Council.

Book Train Tickets From Google Search


Google launched carbon emission tracking in 2021 with features that help users to understand and reduce their carbon footprint while using Google. The part involves driving routes with fuel efficiency on Google Maps with information on carbon emissions related to the flights and others. In addition, Google expanded its eco-friendly search to Europe recently.

With technology making its way globally, sustainability is a big concern, and companies like Google are working on green initiatives to provide a better environment to their users. Google is trying to find sustainability in all its areas, and the new feature will help travelers and not isolate anybody because of their location.



Travelers can be sustainable while traveling because of the new feature. It is essential to minimize the carbon footprint while traveling, and the new feature helps in easy and efficient getaway by choosing a greener and more sustainable way. 

The step taken by Google makes it implicit that the companies care about the environment, and saving it will affect future generations. Moreover, the new feature not only pushes the users towards sustainability but enriches their lives as they have an option to look for hotels, flights, etc., that also works towards the same motto.

Google is stepping up in making sustainability an important issue, and we are looking forward to more such steps. 

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