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Now scheduling meeting is easier on Gmail as calendar shows up two options

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Image credit : Deezen Regardless of whether the meeting will be online or in person, it still feels challenging to arrange by email. Typically, you have to email back and forth odd times or use a third-party system like Calendly to narrow it down. With the addition of a calendar icon directly in your outgoing message toolbar at the bottom of your draft, Google is seeking to integrate a simpler system into Gmail (and spare us all a headache). When you click on the calendar, two choices will show up: "Offer times you're free" and "Create an event." The first function, which is brand-new, lets you choose and share precise meeting times. Google will open your calendar on the right side without shutting out of your document when you select the option in your toolbar. Then, you can highlight particular hours and days that suit you and include them in your letter. A calendar invite will be sent to you both once the recipient selects one from the list in the email you sent. [caption id="attachment_187030" align="aligncenter" width="1332"]Gmail easier schedule meeting Image credit : Neowin[/caption] Google moved the prompt to generate an event from the three-dot menu in the top right to the main toolbar, which is a more subtle but potentially significant organizational shift. When you create an event while writing an email, the recipient's information will automatically fill in and a summary will appear in the body. Also read : Google Calendar adds new features to help you manage work days full of travel Google will push out these calendar updates for domains with Rapid Release in the coming two weeks, and for domains with Scheduled Release in the first half of August. If you send the blocks of time to more than one person, Google will only add the event to the calendar of your first respondent. Initially, you can only use the "Offer times you're free" function for your main calendar.

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