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Now Simultaneously Record Your Screen & Webcam Using Windows

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Now Simultaneously Record Your Screen & Webcam Using Windows-GadgetAny

Windows now provide a free programme that allows you to record your screen and webcam at the same time. The Clipchamp video editor can be downloaded by anyone running Windows 10 or later, but it is already included in the most recent version of Windows 11 (2o22 upgrade). In fact, if you’d prefer to use the web app, you don’t even need to download the tool.

Do not let the fact that Clipchamp is a complete video editor with templates, effects, transitions, and more intimidate you. None of that is necessary for you to use. Its best feature is, in fact, somewhat obscured.

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Click the “Record something” button on the homepage of the app after you launch it and register an account (your Microsoft account will work). This will start screen recording mode. You can select to only record the screen, only record the camera feed, or to record both simultaneously using the many settings that are available here. The programme will produce unique video files for each of the two when you record them, which you can then edit as you see fit. There are no restrictions on how many recordings you can make, however you can only record for a total of 30 minutes at once.

After selecting the recording option, a floating bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you choose the live preview option, you’ll also see a glimpse of your webcam.

Image credit: clipchamp

You may adjust the camera, microphone, and other settings from the floating bar. Select the recording you wish to make by clicking the red Record button (the entire screen, a window, or a browser tab). Check the “Share system audio” box if you want to use the system audio. Once everything is ready, start recording by clicking the “Share” button. Do your thing now.

For the recording to cease, click the blue Stop button. You’ll see a sneak peek of the video you created. Select “Save and Edit” from the menu. The raw video file is automatically saved by the software to the Downloads folder. Go to the folder and share the file if that’s all you want.

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