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Now write without digital distractions using Freewrite Alpha smart typewriter

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Image credit : Freewrite The Freewrite Alpha is a compact and lightweight device weighing just two pounds, featuring a retractable kickstand that might not be as portable as the Traveler but remains convenient for carrying anywhere. Despite its small form factor, it boasts a complete mechanical keyboard with Kailh Choc V2 low-profile switches. While these switches likely provide more key travel than the laptop-style keyboard found on the Traveler, they might not offer the same typing satisfaction as the Kailh Box Brown keyboard present in the full-size Smart Typewriter. [caption id="attachment_191155" align="aligncenter" width="645"]Freewrite Alpha Image credit : Astrohaus[/caption] Distinguishing itself from other models, the Freewrite Alpha adopts an LCD display instead of the E Ink screens utilized by its counterparts. The screen is smaller than those on other Freewrite models, accommodating two to six lines of text based on the font size chosen. This size reduction shouldn't be a significant concern since Freewrite devices prioritize drafting over editing. While the Alpha permits scrolling and cursor movement through the WASD keys, users often tend to continue writing uninterrupted. Astrohaus, the maker of Freewrite, indicates that the LCD display employs ambient light, providing a different visual experience compared to the radiant screens of phones or iPads. However, it might not be as easy on the eyes as the E Ink screens on other Freewrite models. On the flip side, the LCD screen is likely to offer a faster refresh rate. Regarding battery life, the Alpha is projected to endure around 100 hours, though precise battery estimates for previous Freewrite models weren't available, with Astrohaus generally stating they last weeks between charges. Also read : The VM45 velomobile, powered by both pedals and electricity, yields speeds close to 30 mph. The Alpha shares several features with other Freewrite models. All written content is automatically saved locally on the device and, when connected to WiFi, is also backed up to the cloud accessible through the Freewrite Postbox web app. This proprietary service isn't obligatory; the Alpha supports backup to Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive as well. For those who prefer traditional methods, the Alpha can be connected to a computer via its USB-C port, which also serves as a charging point, allowing users to retrieve local files.

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