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Now you can grab pixel fold with $700 off using Google Fi credits

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Image credit : CNET The Pixel Fold appears to be an outstanding first foldable from Google so far, but man, is it pricey. It would be good to get that ridiculously high $1,799 price tag reduced by at least a few dollars. You can actually do that at Google Fi, where you can save $700 on a Pixel Fold with a two-year service commitment. If you trade in a qualified phone, you might be eligible for a $1,000 discount. There aren't many conditions attached to this offer. The new Pixel Fold must be activated on Fi within 30 days, and both new and existing Fi users in the US are eligible. Your account must also be active for 24 months. You'll eventually receive that $700 back in the form of 24 monthly service credits totaling $29.17. You'll still need to pay the $1,799 upfront or choose the $75 per month (plus service) payment plan. "July 4, 2023, at 11:59 PM PDT or while supplies last." is the offer's end date. [caption id="attachment_171723" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]PixelFold Image credit : blog.google[/caption] If you weren't aware, the Fold was finally confirmed as an actual product yesterday after a period of nearly three years of rumors. Although Google is not always known for producing cutting-edge technology, the Fold looks fantastic. It pulls off the remarkable trick of being the "biggest foldable battery" and "thinnest foldable" on the US market. We'll have to look into that when the phone officially releases on June 27 but Google's drive into foldables likely includes some Android and Google app software work. Also read : Google Fi switches to T-Mobile from US Cellular, but subscribers can still use it But it's debatable whether you'd genuinely want to possess a foldable. Foldables have a bad reputation for having screens that abruptly break. Even with its fourth iteration of the Galaxy Z Fold, Samsung hasn't managed to remedy this, and the Pixel Fold most likely employs a Samsung screen as well. It's unsettling to spend so much money on a phone just to have it potentially break. Even worse is having that occur and then having to call Google's infamous support line.

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