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Nvidia RTX 4080 Is Priced Really High, Shows Survey

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Nvidia RTX 4080 Is Priced Really High, Shows Survey-GadgetAny
RTX 4080

The GeForce RTX 4080 from Nvidia is the company’s second-most potent graphics card, but a recent survey found that gamers believe the price is too exorbitant for the performance it offers. It costs $1,200 and outperforms the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, the fastest graphics card of the previous generation, in terms of performance by supporting DirectX 12 Ultimate.

The majority of gamers in a recent survey thought the GPU was overpriced despite the GPU’s incredible graphics capability and its 16GB of RAM. This shows how much we’ve come to trust that technology will advance at a rapid rate without noticeably rising in price. That is somewhat true, since ongoing miniaturization and improvements in manufacturing aid, but there are other elements that can influence pricing, like as the pandemic’s aftereffects worldwide.

Over 11,000 readers of TechPowerUp responded to a survey asking about their desired price for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080, and nearly as many said $800. The RTX 3080 was priced at $700, demonstrating that most consumers are prepared to spend an additional $100 for the generational advance but did not anticipate a $500 increase to $1,200. Despite the price, Nvidia has sold out of the RTX 4080 on its website, demonstrating that they have carefully evaluated pricing.

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The ideal pricing for the 16GB RTX 4080, according to 22% of respondents, was $800, followed by $700 and $600, respectively, by 21.7% and 14.5% of respondents. Some starry-eyed gamers wished the RTX 4080 was less expensive than $400. Sadly, such absurdly cheap prices would probably cause Nvidia to fail. Just a few respondents, or 2.5% of those polled, believed Nvidia should charge $1,200 or more.

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Ironically, a cheaper 12GB RTX 4080 variant was unveiled and then quickly “unlaunched” in response to consumer backlash. This may have answered some customers’ wishes for a more economical 4080 and would have been closer to the desired pricing. Unfortunately, in addition to having less memory, it also had a weaker chip. This graphics card may yet be released by Nvidia, although no information has been released.

Nvidia makes an attempt to stay in contact with its users, and perhaps the results of this survey can aid with future price plans for GPUs. On the other hand, the corporation is still having trouble keeping enough merchandise on hand, so lowering prices would be a challenging corporate choice.

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