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Nvidia RTX Video Super Resolution has the potential to replace expensive Netflix 4K

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Image credit : NVIDIA Newsroom Netflix’s inexorable high price for 4K resolution has made way for Nvidia to upscale its resolution by releasing new GPU drivers to upscale the video quality of old web videos on RTX 30 series and RTX 40 series graphics cards. The new feature- RTX Video Super Resolution- could essentially bring an end to blurry YouTube videos and low-resolution Netflix films. Nvidia craftily leveraged the power of machines and artificial intelligence in its GeForce RTX GPUs to produce improved visual quality while browsing the web. The RTX Video Super Resolution uses AI and RTX Tensor Cores to improve the quality of video watched in a Chrome or Edge browser by removing blocky compression artifacts and upscaling video resolution. Nvidia incorporates machine learning to compare images from streamed video that upscales the image to improve the native resolution of your display. This improves video sharpness and clarity and lets people watch online content – whether from Twitch, YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu – in its native resolution on high-resolution displays up to 4K. In addition, RTX Video Super Resolution accepts input signals from 360p to 1440p and it can upscale that content up to 4K resolution, while reducing artifacts from compression and typical upscaling, resulting in better image quality. Being browser-based rather than platform-based, Nvidia allows you to upscale content from YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, and more. Unlike Netflix, Nvidia does not charge extra money for high-resolution content, and while it seems impossible for Nvidia to surpass Netflix based on the success of its DLSS upscaling tech, it could certainly be a boon to many users who could shell out the extra bucks for other needs other than spending it on Netflix 4K.

By Awanish Kumar

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