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On a budget of $50, keep your desk and cables organized

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On a budget of $50, keep your desk and cables organized-GadgetAny

Desk Mat Pro + 2 Magnetic Cable Block Manager Bundle. (Image credit- XDA Developers)

Desk Mat Pro Bundle | $50 

To keep your workplace organized, you need the Desk Mat Pro bundle.
When you keep thinking about the coffee stain and tangled mess of cords on your workstation, it is difficult to complete anything. I guess your answer is ‘Yes’.

But from now onwards, with the Desk Mat Pro bundle, your WFH setting will be distraction-free. To protect your cables, it comes with two charger blocks and a liquid-resistant mat.

For stability, the cord blocks have bottom magnets and a weight. Also, you can save up to $10 off on the $60, which is the regular price of this bundle to keep your workstation dry and your wires separated.


The Desk Mat Pro + 2 Magnetic Cable Block Managers are created to offer unmatched cable management while stylishly protecting your workstation. Additionally, the Desk Mat Pro shields your workstation from spills and dings because it is made of premium PU Pebble Leather with a faux suede bottom.

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Furthermore, it also includes two Cable Block XL to finish off your customized workplace. These magnetically attachable silicone cable managers keep your cables organized on the desk and stop them from falling to the floor by sticking anywhere on the metal-infused desk pad!

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