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On this Neal.Fun website, users can simulate an asteroid impact and see what happens when it strikes a town

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Neal. Fun is well-known for its web pages that are both fun and informative. On the first page, it produced, there is a gadget that lets you view newborns in every nation in real-time online. After that, Neal.Fun introduced a number of online tools, including websites where users could build the next iPhone or view Earth's appearance 10 years ago, among other things. Fun made the decision to design an asteroid simulator. Even checking what will happen to your hometown is possible with it. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2235"]Full list of asteroids that could crash into Earth revealed – including one with a 1 in 16 chance and 6,500-foot 'doomsday meteor' | The Sun Image credit- The Sun[/caption] The Neal. Fun website's creator, Neal Agarwal, explained how he made the new Neal. Fun Asteroid Launcher page. "The entire project took almost two months. Finding the proper equations and conducting research took up most of the first month "Agarwal stated via News Nation. He also mentioned that he coded the second website and designed the first. Neal explained that he relied on earlier asteroid impact research if you're wondering whether the asteroid impact simulator is accurate. The Earth Impacts Effects Program at Imperial College London is one of them, Agarwal also made use of a NASA study. Also read: 30,000 near-Earth asteroids discovered, more to be found on the way [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="660"]How prepared is Earth for an asteroid collision? | Astronomy.com Image credit- Astronomy.com[/caption] Neal.Fun: How to Use it Enjoyable Asteroid Launcher
  • Visit the official Neal to utilize the new website.
  • Have fun and search for the Asteroid launcher, or simply click this link.
  • The global map can be found on the Neal.Fun Asteroid Launcher website.
  • You'll see an asteroid sidebar on the right side of your screen.
  • To mimic a comet, gold, iron, stone, carbon asteroid, or any other space rock, simply click the arrows.
  • You can change the asteroid's diameter, speed, and impact angle in the lower section. When you're finished, use the map to locate your town or other desired location.
  • Click the "Launch Asteroid" button after that. The results of the asteroid impact will thereafter be presented.These include the size of the fireball, the intensity of the shock wave, the speed of the wind, and the size of the earthquake.NASA and other space specialists can make amazing asteroid discoveries as new cutting-edge technologies are developed. These include a recent investigation into a dinosaur-killing asteroid that is thought to have sparked the world's largest tsunami.

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