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One thing that Samsung’s $450 phone does far better than the iPhone 14

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One thing that Samsung’s $450 phone does far better than the iPhone 14-GadgetAny
Samsung galaxy and iPhone 14

Photo Credit: PhoneArena

Despite the fact that the iPhone 5C was largely a failure, Apple introduced exciting colors for the first time with the release of the device. Before the iPhone XR, which brought back interesting hues for the iPhone, it had ceased with the colors for a few years. Since then,

Apple has changed the colors of the ordinary iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 to a variety of more eye-catching hues while maintaining the more “professional” color scheme for the iPhone Pro models.Despite Apple’s recent announcement of a yellow iPhone 14, which may be appealing to some (I personally am not a fan of yellow), it has a history of releasing iPhones with subpar color schemes. The purple iPhone 14 is evidence of this.

Samsung Galaxy A54

iPhone 14 Purple

Similar to the recently launched yellow iPhone 14, Apple also unveiled a purple iPhone 12 mid-cycle. I thought the purple iPhone 12 was stunning, and that’s what I see when I think of a “purple” iPhone (though I would have preferred something more like royal purple myself). There was also a purple iPhone 11, which was also really ugly, and it appears that Apple went back in that direction with the purple iPhone 14 (maybe even worse).

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Apple hasn’t always done well with product colors historically. Look at “Space Gray,” for instance, which debuted with the iPhone 5 in 2013 and was distinguished by its subdued gray tones and metallic finishes. This one color appears to fade with time.

Particularly with the purple Galaxy A54, Samsung gets the colors right

I was immediately smitten with the Samsung Galaxy A54 when it was first unveiled, at least in terms of colors. I have to agree that Samsung’s purple and emerald hues are “Great Violet” and “Awesome Lime Green,” respectively. When you mention a “purple phone,” I immediately picture the stunning shade of Amazing Violet. The entire aluminum frame is a stunning purple color.

More vibrant hues are required for phones

Perhaps I’m the only one, but I’m growing weary with Apple and other smartphone makers sticking with the standard “safe” phone hues, such as black, white, gold, etc. Even though I’ve been enjoying the Samsung Galaxy S23, I’m not a huge fan of the company’s non-exclusive color options. At the very least, I wish it was available in the violet or pink/gold colors like its predecessor was.

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Photo Credit: Zee News-India.com

I adore the idea of Apple expanding their range of iPhone colors, especially for the Pro models. Recall the 1999 iMac, when Apple embraced vibrant colors? Please implement those colors on the iPhone. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Apple gave us something like the P30 Pro from Huawei? They were some colorful phones, for sure.

Furthermore, if you’re going to make something “purple,” make it purple rather than some dull off-white color that nobody can tell is purple.

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