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OnePlus Is Currently Shipping Android 13 to Its Customers

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OnePlus Is Currently Shipping Android 13 to Its Customers-GadgetAny
OnePlus Android 13

While some other manufacturers may take six months to release an Android upgrade, OnePlus has already begun to roll out Android 13 less than one month after its launch. The phone-maker revealed that the OnePlus 10 Pro has already started receiving Oxygen OS 13, the company’s Android 13 skin.

Furthermore, Android 13 received a small number of new features when it launched on August 15. For instance, it got a built-in task manager for background apps and a new media player interface. In addition, users must now allow notifications permissions to the app to view messages. And although it’s a modest update, it’s still a major one this year after Android 12L was released in March.

OnePlus Android 13

Moreover, due to its one-month delay, OnePlus is the fastest third-party OEM to update Android 13. In contrast, Samsung, the largest OEM for Android, only released Android 12L this month. And since the South Korean tech giant typically takes six months to release an Android upgrade, it will be a while until we see Android 13 on Samsung handsets. Therefore, it is safe to say that OnePlus is the best at updating Android versions. But, unfortunately, it isn’t punctual in releasing Android’s monthly security updates.

On the other hand, whether OnePlus users will enjoy the Android 13 update is altogether different. For instance, the company switched from a quick and lightweight Android build to a labor-intensive Chinese-style reskin that attempts to make Android appear more like iOS. That demonstrates that you can ship quick updates without having an almost-stock build of Android, but it’s a shoddy design.

Lastly, the Chinese phone maker must also update the OnePlus 10T, which it rolled out earlier this month.

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