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OpenAI to release a new app to enable iPhone & iPad users talk to ChatGPT

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Image credit : PetaPixel After OpenAI developed an Apple iOS (AAPL) mobile app for its ground-breaking ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) system, iPhone and iPad users will be able to communicate with a new chatbot this weekend. The ChatGPT iOS software, which uses Whisper speech recognition technology, enables iPhone users to provide voice commands to the chatbot, which may provide extensive responses without promoting anything or returning too many results. For Apple customers who are accustomed to using Siri, that might sound cool but not really novel. Previously, users of the iPhone and Mac could access ChatGPT on their devices via the OpenAI website using a mobile web browser. After hearing from users about how to use ChatGPT "on the go," according to OpenAI, the business developed its own software that can sync user history across devices. According to the business, feedback will be gathered on how users use ChatGPT's suggestions to their everyday activities. [caption id="attachment_175337" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]OpenAI Image credit : AI Store[/caption]

So, what can you ask the iOS ChatGPT app to do?

iPhone users can utilize ChatGPT to ask for advice on cuisine, travel, gifts, or presenting techniques. On the basis of user recommendations, ChatGPT can even create poems. ChatGPT allows users to thoroughly investigate subjects like history, literature, and language learning. It may be used as both a professional tool and a learning tool. According to OpenAI, it can even provide feedback on work projects, summarize notes, offer technical information, and help with other professional activities.

OpenAI To Introduce Android App Shortly, Adding Plugins, Internet Access

Along with the iOS app launch this week, OpenAI announced that an Android version will follow "soon." Currently only available in the United States, the iOS will eventually become available elsewhere, according to the business. Additionally, OpenAI recently disclosed that paid ChatGPT users would have access to a web browser, enabling it to provide the most latest information on timely queries. Prior to this, it could only contain data through 2021. Also read : OpenAI rolls out a free ChatGPT app for iOS After Microsoft (MSFT) incorporated ChatGPT elements into its Bing search engine, Internet users could start receiving responses to their searches from the chatbot. Users of ChatGPT will be able to communicate with Expedia (EXPE), Kayak, OpenTable, and other services thanks to plugins that OpenAI is also releasing. The app's launch coincides with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's first appearance before Congress, during which he testified about the need for government regulation of artificial intelligence, a position he occasionally supports.

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