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OpenAI's ChatGPT API Is Now Available For Developers

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Developers may now incorporate the well-known artificial intelligence chatbot into the apps they are creating thanks to OpenAI's ChatGPT API, which has now been released. Moreover, OpenAI, the same company that gave us the AI picture generator DALL-E 2, released the API for its Whisper speech-transcription model. Furthermore, since its debut last year, ChatGPT has swept the globe. As of December 2022, it had about 100 million monthly active users, according to Tech Crunch. And this time, according to a recent report, the new ChatGPT API is currently available to app developers. So, the new API might be what you're searching for if you're an app developer seeking to add an AI-powered capability. Additionally, OpenAI confirmed that the new ChatGPT API uses the same "gpt-3.5-turbo" AI model as the well-known AI chatbot. As a result, it enables developers to add the same version to the software they are creating for websites, mobile apps, or other platforms. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]OpenAI confirmed that the new ChatGPT API uses the same Image credit: ZDNET[/caption]

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One of the first apps to use the ChatGPT API, according to a report, is none other than the company that owns Snapchat. According to a report, the brand-new Snap My AI chatbot will first be made available to SnapChat Plus members who have paid for the service. And together with other exclusive services on the platform, the new AI feature will cost $3.99 a month. Moreover, Snap intends to eventually make the My AI bot available to all other Snapchat users. According to Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap, "the big idea is that in addition to talking to our friends and family every day, [we are] going to talk to AI every day." In addition to Snap, platforms including Instacart and the tutoring site Quizlet have also started using the ChatGPT API. Also, it appears like Snap My AI, Quizlet, and Instacart are just the beginning with the release of the ChatGPT API. On another note, early adopters like Microsoft Bing got a lot of traction, demonstrating ChatGPT's exceptional popularity. As a result, other platforms are currently doing the same. Additionally, some smaller platforms are attempting to spruce up their services using the well-liked AI tool, while digital behemoths like Google are working to compete with the OpenAI-powered chatbot. This is where the API for developers comes into play, enabling app developers to include ChatGPT in their upcoming works.

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