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Opera Browser App Adds Aria AI Assistant On Its IOS App

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Opera Browser App Adds Aria AI Assistant On Its IOS App-GadgetAny

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Opera said today that its AI assistant Aria is now available on iOS. The tool went live on the desktop in June. It was made possible by a partnership with OpenAI, which made ChatGPT. Opera says that Aria has over a million PC and Android users. This is because Aria is now available on all of the major desktop and mobile platforms.

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Aria can answer questions and react to the context of active web pages, just like Microsoft’s Bing Copilot and Google’s Search Generative Experience. The assistant uses Opera’s Composer framework and OpenAI’s GPT API to get real-time web results. “As an expert in both web navigation and browser functions, Aria makes it easier for AI to work together on tasks like finding information, making text or code, and asking about products,” Opera’s Kseniia Sycheva wrote in a post today.

You’ll need an Opera account to use the AI bot, but nobody will be signed up by default. “You can choose to opt in or out based on how you want to use AI services,” the company wrote. “Once Aria is turned on, it gives smart advice, new ideas, and listens to voice commands.” The “more” menu (the tab on the bottom right) in the Opera iOS app lets you access Aria.

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In addition to the chatbot, Opera for iOS has an ad blocker built-in and supports Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which makes it harder to track you across sites. A VPN tool is built into the browser that you can use for free. The new version of the app with Aria is now available in 180 countries, including the United States and the European Union.

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