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Oppo First Luxurious Phones Find X5 and X5 Pro to launch this week

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Oppo First Luxurious Phones Find X5 and X5 Pro to launch this week-GadgetAny
Oppo Find X5 and X5 Pro


In February, Oppo first introduced its flagship luxury handsets – the Find X5 and X5 Pro. The company claims that both phones will contain the most advanced camera system yet. 

Furthermore, the Oppo Find X5 and X5 Pro pre-orders are open from March. But, the company has not revealed when it will launch its first luxury smartphone. Fortunately, Oppo recently announced that both phones would launch this week. 

The most notable feature of the Find X5 is Oppo’s new MariSilicon X neural processing unit (NPU). Additionally, it is a new chip that the company claims can offer an enormous performance boost. And not only an increase in phone performance but, more specifically, an improvement in computational photography. In addition, Oppo states that it can use various algorithms and process different imaging effects very fast. 


Oppo Find X5 and X5 Pro


Moreover, photography is the main focal point of the Oppo Find X5 series. In any case, that’s the aspect the company itself is most excited about. The reason is that the Find X5s boasts of offering some of the most detailed digital images possible yet by a smartphone. And that includes 4K videography at night. Besides, this claim might become a possibility due to Oppo’s partnership with Hasselblad and MariSilicon X. 

On another note, fans can expect to find both the Oppo Find X5 and Find X5 Pro in stores from June 23, Thursday. In addition, the handsets are available in either Glaze Black or Ceramic White. Lastly, the Find X5 will carry a price tag of around $1,045 (€999), and the Find X5 Pro will retail at about $1,358 (€1,299).

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