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Otter-ai Limits Its Free Plan To 30-Minute Transcriptions Beginning December 1st

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The bad news is that Otter.ai transcription services are scaling back some features, such as the number of monthly transcription minutes available for Basic and Pro accounts. Otter.ai initially launched its bot for auto-recording Zoom meetings in May last year, although it has since added support for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex. While users are getting those features, Otter.ai is restricting things like transcription minutes per month to Basic and Pro accounts. Otter Basic (free tier)
  • Users will get 300 transcription minutes per month instead of 600.
  • They will be able to access the last 25 recordings, with older ones archived.
  • Currently, users can play recordings at 0.5x, 1x, and 2x playback speeds. But with the new plan, they’ll be able to play clips at only 1x speed.
Otter Pro
  • Users will get 1,200 transcription minutes per month instead of 6,000 — that’s one-fifth of what they’re getting with the current offering.
  • Instead of 4 hours, transcribed minutes per meeting will be reduced to just 90 minutes.
  • Otter previously allowed unlimited uploads of recordings for transcription with its paid service. Now, it’s restricting things to 10 uploads per month.
  • The company is also allowing the ability to sync recordings to Dropbox to the Business tier.
Otter-aiBut that’s not the end. Otter Pro’s monthly subscribers will have to pay $16.99 per month rather than $12.99 starting from September 27, though they can continue using their accounts with the current limits until November 30. The annual plan will still cost $99.99 ($8.33 per month), so if users subscribe to that plan before September 27, current feature limits will apply until next year. Apparently, the company, which raised $50 million in a Series B round last year, is enforcing users to stick to the yearly plan. The good news is that Otter Assistant - the bot you can set up to record meetings automatically - is now accessible to anyone, whether you are a free user or paid. This is probably not in response to raising fees. 

By Awanish Kumar

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