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Parkit Voyager Cooler Chair- A Combination of Cooler and Chair

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Parkit Voyager Cooler Chair- A Combination of Cooler and Chair-GadgetAny
Parkit Voyager Cooler Chair

(Image credit- Tailgating Challenge)

Parkit Voyager Cooler Chair

A chair and a cooler are essential items to have for partying, camping, and beach days.

Why Choose Parkit Voyager Cooler Chair for Your Next Adventure?

The Parkit Chair facilitates any outdoor setup by combining both. The foldable chair has been ergonomically built with the perfect height and recline for the most comfortable position.

It is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. Wooden armrests and woven polyester with a geometric pattern enhance the design, while an optional cupholder may store cans, mugs, and insulated bottles.

PARKIT Voyager Chair | The Coolector
Image credit- The Coolector

A removable cooler located underneath the seat can keep beverages cold for up to 8 hours and has additional waterproof pockets for storing extra supplies. A set of backpack straps that attach to the back when it’s time to transport enable hands-free transportation to and from the location.

Enjoy the Voyager adventures from PARKIT. To provide the utmost comfort, absolute durability, and core usefulness for relaxing in the great outdoors, this outdoor leisure chair has been designed.

The VOYAGER cooler-chair combo is made to last, adventure after adventure. It has storage for anything you need under your seat, an adjustable cupholder, hands-free carry straps, and more.

VOYAGER - The Ultimate Outdoor Chair | PARKIT – PARKIT Movement

Image credit– PARKIT Movement

Parkit Voyager Cooler Chair- $225

Promises Durability in Each Component

A 350-pound weight capacity and a lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum frame are both features of VOYAGER.

The armrests are made of the same wood-like material that is used nowadays for outdoor patios and boat docks. Last but not least, all engineered movement takes place within cast joints that safeguard crucial mechanical components and ensure years of service.

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The Voyager’s design prioritized comfort. The advantage is easy entry and moves on from Voyager. Sit back and unwind.

Key features:

  • Parkit Voyager Cooler Chair is a perfect combination of the chair, cooler, and storage space in one product.
  • It is very easy to open and close, you can set it with ease wherever you want.
  • A dash of modern take in a classic design in the chair to match your outdoor goals.
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