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Phishing emails impersonating YouTube are now widespread- Here Is What Google Says

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Phishing emails impersonating YouTube are now widespread- Here Is What Google Says-GadgetAny
Phishing emails

YouTube is warning users about this scam email: All the details (Image credit- Times of India)

Google warns that phishing emails imitating YouTube are spreading like wildfire.

Because the hackers sending these fraudulent emails utilize an email address that appears extremely legitimate, the internet search giant is now alerting users. Google published the cautionary note via a blog post on the official YouTube Community.

Recently, both domestic and foreign YouTubers have reported receiving phishing emails that falsely impersonate YouTube channels, according to Google.

The most recent reports claim that emails with malicious attachments are being sent from the “[email protected]” email address.

Urgent Gmail warning issued by Google as users tricked by dangerous YouTube  link - Mirror Online
Image credit- Mirror Online

Many consumers are falling for it since it appears to be a valid YT email address. The links included in the email message should not be clicked, Google cautioned the public, as doing so could result in hacking.

According to Google, the hackers behind this most recent operation will use the names “The YouTube team sent you a video” and “YouTube Policy change” to make its victims feel under pressure.

Cybercriminals also terrify YouTube subscribers by claiming that their accounts will be blocked after seven days.

To prevent cyber theft, Google strongly advises YouTube viewers to disregard any messages they receive from the aforementioned email address.

BEWARE] YouTube-Impersonating Phishing Emails Now Rampant! Here's What  Google Reveals | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

The best thing you can do is check the official YouTube app to see if there have been any changes to the rules since the current YouTube-impersonating phishing email campaign appears to be authentic.

However, the greatest thing you can do is check your bank accounts if you ever unintentionally click the linked file or the video on the malicious email message.

Contact your bank’s customer support right away if any odd behavior is occurring for assistance.

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Google has asserted that new YouTube AI-powered tools would be introduced to assist those who create video content. We also covered the launch of YouTube TV, a new multi-viewing streaming service.


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