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Pixy – The first selfie drone by Snapchat | See Details

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Pixy – The first selfie drone by Snapchat | See Details-GadgetAny
Pixy first selfie drone by Snap

Snap has made a selfie drone camera named Pixy. Although Snap did not officially announce the device, leaked pictures and details of Pixy selfie drone surfaced online recently. Additionally, Pixy is Snap’s second hardware product after the company released Spectacles back in 2016. Since then, two other versions have been launched of the unique camera glasses. 

Moreover, the online leak also had an unfinished user manual about Pixy apart from pictures and details. Additionally, Snap describes Pixy as “a small smart drone with a camera and camera function.” Pixy is a pocket-sized rounded rectangular drone with Snap’s characteristic yellow color and translucent orange propellers. The images and videos captured by Pixy selfie drone come back to Snapchat. In addition, the company claims the device is a friendlier and more approachable drone than other products on the market. Although it makes one wonder, why would a messaging app develop a selfie drone?

However, CEO Evan Spiegel has the perfect answer – “Because we are a camera company.” He states, “Our mission is to empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together. And this product does exactly that.” Interestingly, Spiegel has always been a fan of drones. So much so that he almost acquired a Chinese drone company in abid to fit drones into his camera company strategy. 


More details about Pixy – the selfie drone

Pixy measures approximately 5.1 inches by 4.7 inches and weighs around 0.2 pounds. Thus, it is small, light, and compact, fitting easily into a pant pocket. It does not have a controller and takes off and lands on an outstretched palm. In addition, it possesses six pre-programmed flight patterns, changeable via a dial on top of the device. Plus, the dial looks similar to a camera mode dial. Besides that, there is a camera on the bottom and front of the selfie drone. 

Furthermore, Pixy selfie drone consists of a USB-C port for charging and a removable battery on the bottom. Snap claims that Pixy can do five to eight flights on a full charge, lasting approximately 10 to 20 seconds. In addition, it has a 12MP sensor, capturing up to 100 videos or 1,000 photos. All this data gets stored locally on a 16GB drive. Plus, it operates over 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

Pixy selfie drone by Snap

Moreover, the footage from Pixy syncs wirelessly with the Memories section on Snapchat, unfortunately, without any audio. Thus, users can then directly share the video on Snapchat or elsewhere. Besides that, Pixy offers specific AR effects and an auto-crop feature. Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t that extraordinary, but good enough for viewing phones. 

However, Snap warns that the Pixy selfie drone is incompatible in windy conditions, over water, and on other reflective surfaces. The reason is that it is light, and a shiny surface can confuse the bottom camera that automates flying. 

Lastly, Pixy is now available online for $230 in the US and France. Additionally, extra batteries cost $20, with a portable dual-battery charger for $50. On another note, Snap isn’t expecting Pixy to become a commercial success. However, Spiegel believes the market for the device will be more prominent than camera glasses. 

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