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Save Up to $200 on Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Products

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Save Up to $200 on Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy Products-GadgetAny
Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy products

Samsung has adopted the unique tactic of offering customers a “reservation incentive” as a way to sell its products. The company offers customers a deal to save up to $200 on its upcoming Galaxy products with free, no-commitment reservations. 

Additionally, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, Watch 5 Pro, and the next Galaxy wireless earbuds at its Unpacked 2022 event. The virtual event is scheduled for Wednesday, August 10, at 9 AM ET (6 AM PT). 

Furthermore, Samsung offering this latest deal is very much welcomed by potential buyers. The reason is that besides possessing new features, the new products might cost more than their predecessors. 

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy products

Besides, Samsung currently sells the 128GB Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 at $949.99 and $1,499.99, respectively. In addition, the Galaxy Watch 4 costs $209.99, and the Galaxy Buds 2 costs $149.99. So, even if the new devices cost the same as their predecessors, buyers would still appreciate any savings. Hence, Samsung intends to do precisely that with the latest offer. 

How to get up to $200 off on upcoming Galaxy products

Interestingly, Samsung’s latest offer is in the form of a reservation instead of a preorder. As a result, when customers place a reservation in Samsung’s promotion, the company will give them a $100 credit with a Galaxy smartphone, a $50 credit with a Galaxy Watch, and a $30 credit with a pair of Galaxy Buds. Furthermore, customers can mix and match these items, giving them the following savings – 

  • Customers can save up to $200 if they reserve a new Galaxy smartphone, Galaxy Watch, and Galaxy Buds 
  • $150 credit on a new Galaxy phone and Galaxy Watch reservation
  • Customers can save $130 if they reserve a new Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Buds
  • $100 credit on a new Galaxy phone reservation
  • Customers can save $80 on a new Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds reservation
  • $50 credit if they reserve only a new Galaxy Watch
  • And a $30 credit on a new pair of Galaxy Buds reservation

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy products

How to reserve the upcoming Galaxy products

Customers need to go to Samsung’s official reserve offer page to reserve the upcoming Galaxy devices. Then, they must select the product (or products) they wish to reserve. Afterward, they must fill out a form with their first and last names and email addresses. In addition, they can even enter their phone number, but that is not compulsory. Finally, they must hit the “Reserve Now” button to complete the process. When preorders start, customers will receive an email from Samsung to make their purchase and claim their credit. 

What’s more

Customers need to note that these savings are credit, not cash. Thus, they can use the credit for a new purchase. For instance, buying a $1,499.99 phone at $1,399.99. Or, they can use it to purchase another qualifying product from the Samsung store. Additionally, customers can only get the credit if they follow through with a preorder of the applicable devices. Hence, a reservation alone wouldn’t earn them the credit mentioned above.

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