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Polar’s fitness tracking technology is added to Casio’s new G-Shock watch

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Polar’s fitness tracking technology is added to Casio’s new G-Shock watch-GadgetAny

Casio’s latest wearable: a G-Shock watch with Polar fitness science. (Image credit- Gadgets and Wearables)

The Polar fitness monitoring technology is now included in Casio’s new G-Shock watch as Polar begins licensing its algorithm to compete for watches.

Thus, the brand-new G-Shock G-Squad GBD-H2000 becomes the first watch that has never been made by Polar to be “driven by Polar.” The well-known watchmaker Casio debuted its brand-new G-Shock G-Squad line, which supports a variety of sports pursuits like biking and running, to name a couple.

Casio affirms that its brand-new G-Shock sports watch gives its customers access to Polar algorithms.

Additionally, according to the Japanese watchmaker, the latter is the inventor of fitness monitoring technology and has worked in the industry for almost 50 years.

Casio's New G-Shock Watch Gains Polar's Fitness Tracking Tech | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

The new “Driven by Polar” G-Shock, however, is only the beginning, it turns out.

According to the reports, Polar, a company that sells exercise watches, is actively developing a number of algorithms for competing watch manufacturers.

The company is actually getting ready to introduce 25 fitness algorithms to a select group of businesses that will shortly introduce their own “Powered by Polar” watches.

According to Polar, one benefit of using their monitoring technology is that these businesses would no longer have to invest years in research and development to offer comparable features.

Polar is bringing its fitness tracking tech to rival watches | Engadget
Image credit- Engadget

In essence, it ought to enable these watchmakers to concentrate on creating the style and other features of their wearables. By merely licensing current fitness algorithms, they could save a tonne of time and work.

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Although it is the first time Polar has offered its technology to a rival business, the company has long offered its online monitoring tools to corporate clients, according to the reports.

And this time, more wearables are getting its fitness technology as more watchmakers, beginning with Casio, adopt it. In addition to six other useful features, the new Casio G-Shock G-Squad offers its users handy GPS capability.

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