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Pre-Orders of Nothing Phone 1 Starts Now

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Pre-Orders of Nothing Phone 1 Starts Now-GadgetAny
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Nothing’s first smartphone Nothing Phone 1 has been a hot topic of conversation for weeks as its launch date gets near. Additionally, there have been numerous teasers out regarding the handset. And that includes an LED rear layout that will make it stand out. However, this week Nothing announced that it plans to retail Nothing Phone 1 by invite only. And for that, potential customers need to join an exclusive club. So, Nothing has finally opened pre-order reservations for Phone (1) using the invitation code system. 

Furthermore, private community members will get to pre-order reservations for Phone (1) first. Then, to secure an order opportunity on July 12, they will have 48 hours to use their code and place a $25 non-refundable deposit. On the other hand, other interested customers have to sign up for a waiting list. And then, Nothing will deliver invitations to them in batches. 

Most importantly, the company will debit the deposit from their purchase if customers place an order. And, in turn, credit $25 they can use to buy either a Nothing Phone 1 accessory or Ear (1) earbuds. But unfortunately, Nothing hasn’t yet revealed the price of its first smartphone. 

What’s more

On another note, Nothing Phone (1) will not officially be available in North America besides a closed beta for limited private community investors. And although the handset will work, it wouldn’t have full support. 

Moreover, the pre-order strategy Nothing adopted might not be new to some customers. The reason is that CEO Carl Pei’s former company, OnePlus, has used an invitation system for years. Besides, it is an excellent strategy. The invitation-based orders can help companies manage tight supply better by controlling sales and improving demand estimates. Meanwhile, creating a cachet that might encourage a rise in demand. In any case, if potential and interested customers want to order Nothing Phone 1 on a whim, they may end up on a waiting list. 

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