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PS3 and PS Vita classic games that ‘expired’ 52 years ago?

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PS3 and PS Vita classic games that ‘expired’ 52 years ago?-GadgetAny
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Kotaku, a video game website and blog, reported that PS3 and PS Vita players are facing issues accessing certain games. In addition, the players complained that a “strange” expiration date suddenly appeared on their digital purchases. Interestingly, the problem is majorly concerned with classic games that seem to have ‘expired.’ 

Moreover, the expiration date goes back half a century in the past. Christopher Foose, a Twitter user, tweeted an image of one of his downloaded games – Chrono Cross. The picture depicts the game’s expiration date on December 31, 1969, at 7:20 PM. Foose stated that the problem occurred after he redownloaded the game and is now unable to play it on Playstation 3 and PS Vita. 

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Similarly, players of both consoles reported many such complaints concerning various classic games on multiple media platforms. For example, Edmond Tran, the GamesHub editor, wrote that he could not play Chrono Cross on his PS3 “thanks to a 52-year-old expiration date.” However, he said that he was able to play it on PS Vita but could not find the game in the console’s store. Apart from Chrono Cross, players were also unable to play Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and Rune Factory Oceans. Games like Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Gex: Enter the Gecko also faced similar issues. Plus, some players even reported problems with their entire digital library. 

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Furthermore, after the issue, players tried factory resetting their consoles. Besides that, they even tried subscribing and unsubscribing to PlayStation Plus and restoring their games’ licenses. However, there were no results noted, and players are still unable to play those ‘expired’ PS3 and PS Vita classic games. 

Possible explanation

There have been no comments or explanations yet from Sony concerning the issue. However, Kotaku predicts that the problem may be due to a glitch. Hence, it might be retrograding the game licenses’ expiration dates to the Unix epoch on the consoles. Or, the date might be the random time and date set by developers indicating the beginning of a console’s life. On an added note, Sony had almost closed down both PS3 and PS Vita stores last year. Consequently, it wasn’t easy to purchase anything on them by credit cards or PayPal. Hence, the latest development strikes huge concerns among PS3 and PS Vita players.

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