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PS5 update brings Discord integration and improved visual performance

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PS5 update brings Discord integration and improved visual performance-GadgetAny

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Sony has released a new system update for the PlayStation 5, which includes several highly-anticipated features. One of the most significant updates is the expanded support for Discord. Players can now join Discord calls on the console directly, after starting the call on a PC or mobile app. The feature allows multiplatform support, which means that gamers playing on an Xbox or PC can chat with their friends on the PS5.

The integration of Discord also enhances the multiplatform crossplay, making it easier to organize play sessions without relying on in-game chat features. However, Microsoft’s Xbox already allows users to join voice channels without a phone or PC. Therefore, Sony still has some catching up to do.

Photo Credit: The Verge

In addition to Discord support, the update also adds new voice commands. For instance, players can request the console to capture in-game footage with a voice command. They can even ask for custom-timed clips, like capturing the last three minutes of gameplay.

The update also brings wireless updating for the DualSense controllers. This feature allows players to update their controllers without needing to plug it into the console manually.

Lastly, Sony has improved the 1440p mode by adding a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) mode for smoother visual performance while gaming. The update also increases the number of monitors that can display content in 1440p from the console.

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Overall, this update adds some exciting features that improve the gaming experience on the PS5. Players can now easily join Discord calls, use voice commands to capture gameplay, and update their DualSense controllers wirelessly. The improved 1440p mode with VRR mode ensures that the console can display content smoothly on a wider range of monitors.

The system update is available now, and players can access it through the system settings on their PS5 console. With these new features, Sony is ensuring that the PS5 remains a competitive platform for gaming and socializing.

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