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'Pure evil': Allison Weaver's victim uncovers horrendous details of 'animal-like' cannibalistic attack

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A victim of a "horror movie" cannibalistic attack told how a "animal-like" woman attacked her while she was in bed. The victim claimed that on September 16, 2019, when she invited Allison Thompson Weaver into her home and later that evening, Weaver made an attempt on her life, her life was permanently altered. In an impact statement on Wednesday, October 12, the victim stated, "On September 16, 2019, my life changed irrevocably. Allison Thompson Weaver attempted to kill me after I let her access to my house. I wouldn't be here today if neighbors hadn't called 9-1-1 and the cops hadn't arrived at the time they did. Some of my memories of the attack that night are like scenes from a horror film. "First, of waking up in my own bed to find her in some animal-like crawling position, naked, ready to pounce on me. Her strangling me, the expression on her face, until I was unconscious. The extreme pain I felt as I regained consciousness and could not move from being raped, beaten, and literally eaten alive from head to toe,” she added. Deputy Shawn Hopkins testified that Weaver made animal-like movements with her head and teeth while the two of them were completely naked. “Ms Weaver told me that they were having consensual sex and that (the victim) was a vampire and that Ms Weaver was the wolf,” Hopkins remarked. The victim also claimed that despite being aware of what was taking place, she "couldn't do a thing about it." The victim claimed that Weaver whispered the words "You have to die" to her as she was being attacked. She said, “I knew in my head what was happening to me, and I couldn’t do a thing about it. Then she whispered the words, ‘You have to die.’ I begged her, ‘I’ll do anything you want.’ But she laughed and replied, ‘It’s too late,’ and began strangling me again, a second time. This time, I saw my loved ones flash before my eyes. I saw a bright light, and I saw the end of my life. That’s all I remember until the hospital.” The victim has spoken up and described how she feared for her life after observing Weaver's eyes to be "pure evil." "However, I do recall seeing utter wickedness in her eyes, and I genuinely believe that nothing can save her. Because of what she did to me and the numerous bite wounds, including those on my breasts and vagina, I endure severe anguish 24 hours a day. I have irreversible nerve damage over my entire body and face. She literally gobbled pieces of me, like my cheek, and bit off my ear. Even with physical treatment, the discomfort in my neck, shoulder, and back is just getting worse. The victim said, "I have been trying to avoid more procedures, if possible, than I've already had. She went on to say, “Talking about this does not fully express my emotions. The hundreds of pictures of what she did to me are absolutely horrendous and disgusting to look at. I am unrecognizable in those photos, and they just begin to show what this cannibalistic rapist put me through, all the while with a smile on her face. I’m learning to live with the pain and countless scars, as well as the countless stares I receive, but what is scaring me is the nonstop visions of her demon eyes killing me and the fact that she will try to do this again someday.” The victim said, “No one knows why she chose me to be her victim that night. The doctors at the hospital said it was nothing short of a miracle that I survived that attack that night. In closing, I don’t think it’s fair that she has taken so much away from me that I can never get back. She stole a part of me and she broke a part of me. She took away my sense of safety and trust, and so much more. Everything that this thing has done to me deserves more than 10-15 years behind bars. I will be living with these problems, pains, damages, and fears for the rest of my life.” According to Click on Detroit, Weaver was sentenced to 10-15 years in prison on 12 October, and during her tenure in the Michigan Department of Corrections, she must also register as a sex offender. She was also given the opportunity to address the court following the victim impact statement by Oakland County Judge to which Weaver responded, “I would like to apologize to the victim and her family, and also to my family, as well. I do feel really, really horrible about what happened. I wish I could take it away.”

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