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Push-To-Talk Shortcut to Soon Come To Google Meet

(Image Credit Google)
A recent post on the Google Workspace blog revealed that Meet is copying a feature from Zoom. Therefore, Google Meet users will soon be able to unmute themselves easily with a handy new trick.  Zoom has this feature that is similar to the push-to-talk feature. To unmute, users have to hold down the spacebar, and they can mute themselves by releasing it. Additionally, walkie-talkies have been using this feature for ages, so Zoom isn't the one to invent it. However, the availability of the feature during video conferences is very convenient. The push-to-talk-type shortcut is useful when one wants to chime in during a meeting but does not wish to stay unmuted for long. In addition, Cisco's Webex supports a similar feature. And even Microsoft Teams enables users to unmute with the help of a simple shortcut - Ctrl+Spacebar.  Push To Talk for Google Meet™ On another note, the feature comes as Google carries out the complicated process of combining Meet and Duo apps. Furthermore, Google disclosed it would start rolling out its "own" version of the push-to-talk shortcut on September 9 to all Workspace users. But, the company warned users that it might take up to 15 days before they see the update on Google Meet. Also, Google said the feature wouldn't be enabled by default. Thus, users must manually turn it on in Google Meet's settings.  What's More Lastly, Google's attempts to combine the Meet and Duo apps give users a new Meet app (that merges both Duo and Meet), the old Meet (Original) app, and a Duo shortcut that opens Meet. In addition, Google will surely bring the push-to-talk feature to the new Google Meet app. However, it is still unclear whether it will come to the old Meet (Original) app. The reason is that the company might eventually drop the old app entirely. But that's just speculation right now, as Google hasn't yet officially declared such plans. 

By Awanish Kumar

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