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Quest’s meta-AR/VR road map was revealed, and new device plans go all the way to 2027

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Quest’s meta-AR/VR road map was revealed, and new device plans go all the way to 2027-GadgetAny

Here are Meta’s plans for AR/VR hardware through 2027. (Image credit- MIXED Reality News)

Exciting developments are occurring in the virtual world as Meta concentrates on its growth, but it also gives its Quest range a lot of attention to the hardware required to deliver this experience.

The AR/VR roadmap for Meta promises several experiences to look forward to in the future, up until 2027, according to the latest information from sources.

This includes various wearables that would enhance everyone’s virtual experience with Meta and incorporate the augmented reality elements already available and shortly to be released by the firm.

The company’s roadmap for AR and VR innovations for up to four years, till 2027, is reportedly detailed in a Meta presentation. The list of upcoming products that it is working on for the public to view and use soon is among the most recognizable items here, with an emphasis on delivering a new virtual experience.

Here are Meta's plans for AR/VR hardware through 2027
Image credit- MIXED Reality News

Quest 3 VR hardware is being developed by Meta Reality Laboratories, and it will be much smaller in size and perform nearly twice as well as its predecessor. This item will cost more than Quest 2’s $400 price tag.

The neural interface smartwatch, which would work nicely with Meta’s AR/VR devices for enhanced controls, would come next.

Last but not least, the business presented its newest AR smart glasses, which will be available by 2025 and include controls via smart bands.

What Can We Expect for the Future of Meta Quest?
To deliver more of what it plans for the future, Meta is releasing a number of new devices, including a sizable lineup for its AR/VR future under the Quest brand. One of them is the previously disclosed “wrist-based interactions,” which hint at a smartwatch that the general public may at last witness in practice.

Also, it is improving its wearables to better include the augmented and virtual reality it seeks to give.

Meta AR/VR Roadmap for Quest Revealed, Plans Extend Up to 2027 for New  Devices | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

The hardware from Meta’s Quest is without a doubt one of the most well-known items on the market right now, particularly because it provides its many users with an immersive experience and has a wide range of products. In the past, Tencent and Meta proposed a partnership to introduce the well-known Quest 2 VR headset to China, which the renowned Chinese tech company would then commercialize.

Due to constant upgrades and developments made available to all users of the device, the Meta Quest also has access to a variety of functions.

Quest’s VR experience offers workouts in the virtual environment in addition to games on the platform, and it just permitted Health Connect from Google and Android to connect its workout data.

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The company’s most recent product is the Quest Pro, but there are already plans for a new VR gadget to replace the wearable and increase the range of Meta’s capabilities. This is included in the roadmap that was recently discovered, along with additional gadgets like AR glasses, a more compact VR headset, a VR-capable smartwatch, and more.

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