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Raunchy Brit Physics teacher says ‘warzone’ school forced to join adult industry

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Raunchy Brit Physics teacher says ‘warzone’ school forced to join adult industry-GadgetAny
Kirsty Buchan

A teacher claims the “warzone” school compelled her to adopt a covert profession in pornography when parents and students found out she was selling graphic photographs on OnlyFans.

Kirsty Buchan, 33, resigned from her position at Bannerman High School in Baillieston, Glasgow, after students started sharing material from her Only Fans website.

She claims, however, that she would be better off leaving the school, where staff members are frequently attacked and gang fights break out on a regular basis.

“Some people are saying I must be mad to go from being a physics teacher to selling nude photos online,” Kirsty told the Daily Record, “but it has become very clear to me that I was insane to stick at that job for six years under the strain that I was facing every day”.

She said it wasn’t a difficult decision to sign up after reading of “other teachers earning £50,000 a month” on the site.

Kirsty added: “I’ve had one colleague have a plastic bag put over their head and another nearly broke their wrist after a door got kicked back at them”

Teachers are taking strike action this week over what they say is a “failure to make sufficient progress in addressing violent and abusive pupil behavior”.

However, Kirsty’s unexpected resignation has overshadowed the announcement of the strike.

Screenshots of photos of the 5ft 5in brunette topless or fully nude quickly spread among students after one of the school’s students or one of their parents discovered Kirsty’s OnlyFans page.

One parent complained: “The strike was in national news but all the local talk has been about Miss Buchan’s other job. The photos have been circulating like wildfire and parents have been talking via Whatsapp about it.

They added: “The poses she did for Only Fans weren’t just suggestive, they left nothing to the imagination. Some parents thought it funny but several have made complaints because the poses were just too extreme.”

So when Kirsty was told she was facing disciplinary action, she decided to jump before she was pushed.

She explained: “Glasgow City Council has come out and said they were going to discipline me but they were never going to get the satisfaction of that. I feel like a huge weight is off my mind now that I have told them what to do with their job.”

Kirsty added that her 11-year-old son recently developed a serious stomach condition and is currently awaiting an operation. Her OnlyFans profile has only increased since the scandal, she says, with 47 fans signing up for $9.99 monthly subscriptions in the past three days alone.

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