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Ray-Ban Stories to support voice command on WhatsApp

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Ray-Ban Stories to support voice command on WhatsApp-GadgetAny
Ray Ban Stories

The latest beta version of WhatsApp (v2.22.9.13) seems to have a fantastic new feature. It allows users to send voice commands to Meta’s smart glasses to send messages. Hence, WhatsApp users might soon be able to type messages without using their hands via Ray-Ban Stories. 

Furthermore, the feature was first noticed in an APK teardown by XDA developers. The teardown also revealed that the feature would allow users to utilize a voice assistant to type messages on WhatsApp through Ray-Ban Stories. However, it seems to be only working with Facebook Assistant. Therefore, users will not be able to use Google Assistant with the new feature. 

Ray Ban Stories voice command

Moreover, the feature will significantly help users when their hands are full and need to message someone. Additionally, the messages would probably consist of end-to-end encryption. However, the possibility of the new feature getting launched seems minuscule. The reason is that even the Ray-Ban Stories have a limited market reach at present. Thus, it is doubtful that the new feature utilizing Ray-Ban Stories will reach many WhatsApp users.

On another note, Ray-Ban Stories’ owners who use Messenger for texting benefit from Meta’s update last year. Consequently, the update included hands-free Messenger support for Meta’s smart glasses. Hence, users can send and read messages with the help of Ray-Ban Stories through voice commands. 

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