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Reasons Text Message Failed to Send & How to Fix it?

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Text messages are super useful for businesses and also individuals to talk to their customers or another person. They usually get read more often than emails, and people tend to reply more through text messages than to phone calls. Sending and receiving any text message within a network range is usually simple. But sometimes messages don't reach where they should. Every country and phone company has its own rules about what messages can be sent, making it a bit tricky for big and small businesses and even for individuals. Let us check why text messages might fail to send and give tips on how to fix them for trying to connect with your audience.

Reasons Why Text Message Failed To Send

When you send a text message, sometimes it fails to deliver. There might be several reasons. The reasons are 1. Poor Signal: If you're in an area with weak or no signal, your message might not be sent. You can check how strong your signal is by looking at the network bars on your phone. 2. Recipient's Signal: It’s not always your fault if a text message is failed to send! Sometimes, the person you’re texting might be in a place with a bad signal, so they can’t get your message even if you send it. 3. Overloaded Network: Sometimes, if lots of people are using the network, it can get jammed or crowded. This can stop your message from getting to the other person. 4. Incorrect Number: One small mistake while sending a text message can mess up things. If you type even one number wrong, your text might go to the wrong person or nowhere at all. Always double-check the number you’re texting. 5. Blocked Contacts: If someone blocked your number, your messages won’t reach them. The blocked recipient’s number is shielded from any further communication from the sender, be it a text message or a call. 6. Insufficient Balance or Plan: For some, sending texts might require a specific plan or enough balance on the phone. Check if you have enough balance or if your plan covers text messages. 7. Software Glitches: Sometimes, your phone or the messaging app might have a glitch or might not work properly. These glitches stop messages from being sent. 8. Do Not Disturb Mode (DND): When someone turns on their Do Not Disturb Mode (DND) mode, the receiver might not get the text message. Also Read- How To Create An Email Template In Gmail?

How To Fix Failed Text Message Issue

Sending text messages from your phone can sometimes run into issues, and it might be due to problems with your phone, the person you're sending the message to, or even the mobile service provider. But fixing these problems is not that hard. Here are some steps to troubleshoot and fix the failed text message issue from your phone.

1. Restart your phone:

If you're having trouble sending texts on your Android, a simple restarting of your phone can often do the trick. Instead of using the standard method, press and hold both the Lock and Volume Down buttons until the phone does a forced power cycle. This helps reset the device and fix any glitches present in the software.

2. Check for updates:

If restarting doesn't solve the issue, check for any software updates on your phone. Open the Settings app, look for "Software Update," and if there's an update available, tap "Download and install." Make sure your phone is up to date with the latest software version.

3. Clear your Messages cache:

Sometimes, the Message app cache can cause problems, especially after an update. To clear it, go to Settings, scroll down and tap on Apps, select the Messages app, tap on Storage, and then tap the option for "Clear cache" in the bottom-right corner.

4. Check your SIM card:

Ensure that your phone's SIM card is properly installed. Use a SIM tray tool or a paper clip to pop out the tray and check if the card is in place. If the card is out of place, it might have been the cause of the problem.

5. Recipient blocked your messages:

If your texts aren't reaching a specific person, they might have blocked your number. Call them to see if your call goes or whether it says they are unavailable.

6. Your texts were flagged as spam:

If many people report your texts as spam, carriers could blacklist your number. This happens if you're sending a lot of texts, especially to customers. In this case, your number might be temporarily or permanently banned from texting.

7. Carrier technical difficulties:

If none of the above works, it could be that your mobile service provider is having technical difficulties or any technical errors with their SMS service. Call them to inquire about any issues and to find out when you can expect normal service to be restored.


When you see the notice "Failed to send a message," you could get angry. Frustration will increase if you are unable to resolve the outgoing text problem. Nonetheless, we hope that the remedies provided in this article will help you identify the error's root cause. And use the corresponding solution to fix the fault.

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