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Record Internal & External Audio on Your Android Device

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The Latest versions make it easier You are capable of recording decent audio with your Android's built-in microphones. Usually, the primary mic is located at the bottom next to the charging port. Some phones have secondary mics on top or at the back of the phone. You can test your mic quality by recording an audio app. Either use the built-in mics or plug into your earplugs with a mic to record audio. Not every recording will allow you to select the audio source, but if your phone has it, don't forget to choose the source of your audio. However, there are so many applications for recording we have chosen Dolby On for this guide. Dolby on provides you with a free recorder with feature-packed performance. To use the app, you only need to tap on the large mic on the home screen, and it will start recording. Once you stop the recording, you will get a message to inform you about the post-processing of audio like Noise reduction, dynamic EQ, compression, and many more features. You can also shoot videos or keep your phone to record a live stream from the app. As your recording is complete, you will find a tracklist. To see your recorded tracks click on the music note icon. You can edit your recordings with the tools given in the app. There are various options like noise reduction level, adjusting the treble, mid, and bass, boosting the audio, or using preset equalizer styles. The options are effortless to understand, and you can make quick changes with them. Android device Android Device 10 has made the internal recording accessible. It is a one-stop solution for all types of changes. There is no need to jump applications and root your phone. Most phones are providing this feature where they give a recording button on the calling screen.  Most of these phones also have a screen recorder option that you can find in your quick dropdown. If you can not find it, go to the Settings> search for screen recorder and open settings there; you can select Audio source and Internal Audio. If finding this option is hard, you can also use a third-party app from the Google play store

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