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Reddit now has a search option for comments within a single post

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Reddit bans r/NoNewNormal and quarantines 54 “COVID-denial subreddits”. (Image credit- Ars Technica) Reddit revealed today that users can now search comments within a post. This means users won't need to CmdF or Ctrl-F on a post page. Thanks to this feature, users can quickly discover the information they're looking for. Reddit formally unveiled a new feature that allows users to explore comments without expanding them within a single post. According to the reports, the new function is now available on computers, iOS, and Android. Without further tapping or clicking, this feature will display the findings.   Before this update, users had to press Ctrl-F on a computer running Windows or Cmd-F on a Mac to conduct a search and expand any collapsed remarks before the search returned any results. Last year, a feature that had just been introduced allowed users to search comments for content, but it would only return results from posts and subjects that had originated within a community. According to the reports, this function displays various versions across all three platforms. On the desktop, the remark button is located below the comment search bar, which is situated next to the Sort By drop-down menu. When using a mobile device, users can navigate to an article and use the magnifying glass icon in the blue bar to access the comment search.   In addition to the comment search feature, Reddit reportedly updated its subreddit search algorithm to return more relevant subreddits for the majority of queries. Additionally, since the platform improved the autocomplete feature, users will find it convenient to look up communities without having to enter their exact names. Users can now simply swipe up and down to switch between videos in mobile apps, making it simpler for them to browse through the results of video searches. The platform's objective when releasing new updates is to make the platform more convenient for users, even though these updates may seem fundamental to some. Also read: New YouTube System Automatically Blocks Abusive Comment Posters Also, Reddit recently unveiled a new community muting tool that gives users more control over what they want to see and don't want to see on the website. Users can mute an entire community using this function, and messages will no longer appear in your notifications, home feed, or popular feed. Each user will also be able to silence up to 1,000 subreddits thanks to this. However, according to the reports, muting a particular community will not prevent users from viewing it. They can still respond to every message on the platform, in other words.

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