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Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder, is stepping down from OpenAI's board, but why?

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Reid Hoffman steps down from OpenAI board to avoid potential conflicts of interest. (Image credit- CNBC )

Reportedly, Reid Hoffman, a well-known CEO in the tech sector and a co-founder of LinkedIn, is resigning from his role as a board member of OpenAI. Sources claimed that Hoffman previously announced this on Twitter and LinkedIn, giving up an important position at one of the fastest-growing AI firms in the world. However, the executive declares that he will continue to support OpenAI, especially regarding its expanding initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence to make more of its technologies available to everyone. After joining the board of OpenAI eight years ago, Reid Hoffman has also drawn a line and quit the organization. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman stepping down from OpenAI board | Mint Image credit- Mint[/caption] According to his LinkedIn post, in order to invest more in AI, he must resign from his role as a board member of OpenAI. The executive is not leaving the company because of a disagreement or issue he had with its operations. "Greylock and I will be investing in businesses, like Tome and Coda, that will utilize the OpenAI APIs as they become more crucial to the upcoming wave of AI applications," stated Hoffman. Additionally, Hoffman added that his position as OpenAI's board of directors is the only way to prevent any potential problems with that organization and others. Also read: Google fires its mental health and wellbeing director On the other side, Hoffman wants to advance AI comprehensively and he will achieve this goal by making investments in additional businesses in addition to those where he has previously held a board position. Furthermore, he also asserts that he will continue to be an "ally" of OpenAI and support their efforts to share their work with the public, while also supporting the sector and other entrepreneurs. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder, is Leaving OpenAI's Board, But Why? | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] It is well-known fact that OpenAI got off to a strong start and it has received support from numerous popular tech industry executives since its inception and is currently one of the most well-known AI startups operating globally. Although. the same executive, however, also blasted OpenAI for their collaboration with Microsoft, asserting that, unlike its prior course, it had now been dominated by Big Tech. Meanwhile, Musk has already left OpenAI, and the company has rolled out a lot of technology from its development, such as the well-known DALL-E 2 that focuses on the creation of AI art content and the renowned language models such as GPT-3, the one utilized by its well-known ChatGPT.

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