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Remove the Spaces icon on Twitter Blue…with a price

Spaces icon on Twitter Blue

For quite some time, iOS users have been able to customize the navigation bar in the Twitter Blue app. Fortunately, now, the feature is available to Android users too. The new Blue app feature enables subscribers to get rid of the Spaces icon present in the middle of the navigation bar. They can customize and remove other tabs, too, if they want. 

Furthermore, with custom navigation, subscribers can reduce the number of displayed tabs to as few as two at a time. Or, they can keep all the five tabs that appear by default in the Twitter Blue app. Hence, it makes it easy for users to access their DMs and notifications without stretching their fingers. 

Twitter first started experimenting with the Spaces tab on iOS in 2021. And in May, the company rolled out the tab on Android. Thus, to get over the inconvenience of the Spaces tab, more and more users started subscribing to the Twitter Blue app subscription. Twitter launched the Blue subscription plan last year for $2.99 per month.

However, the Blue subscription does not help users eliminate every feature that clutters the app. On another note, the company revealed that it would start including more information in the banner that shows active Spaces at the very top of users’ timelines last week. But unfortunately, Twitter has no setting that can completely turn off this banner, neither for free nor for Blue subscribers. But, the company will now show who is hosting the Space. Besides that, Twitter will show who shares a tweet in the Space and relevant Topics. 

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