Samsung’s Latest Tool Hides Your Photos Before Giving It for Repairing

Samsung’s Latest Tool Hides Your Photos Before Giving It for Repairing

A South Korean press site revealed that Samsung is introducing a new privacy feature called Repair Mode. The new feature will assure users that their data, like images, texts, and other private information, will remain safe when they give their Galaxy phones in repair. Additionally, Repair Mode will prevent technicians from leaking users’ data during the repair process

The translated press release revealed that users could enable the feature through the “Battery and Device Care” section in the Settings. After that, the phone will reboot into Repair Mode, hiding users’ accounts, photos, videos, texts, etc. Hence, the feature will technically lock down users’ data, giving technicians limited access. Therefore, they will be able to access enough data to fix the phone but not enough that they can leak any personal data. In addition, in Repair Mode, technicians can see the default apps with blank data. Besides, it is much more convenient than having to wipe a phone. Users can then disable the feature when they get their device back by rebooting it. And then opening it with a pattern, pin, or fingerprint and gain access to their data and apps. 

Samsung’s Latest Tool Hides Your Photos Before Giving It for Repairing

Moreover, Samsung is first rolling out the Repair Mode to Galaxy S21 phones in South Korea. Additionally, the company intends to expand support for the feature to other models in the future. 

What’s more

Apple and Android allow users to lock certain apps in settings by passwords or other authentication. However, they don’t have a specific mode to put their phones in lockdown. Thus, Samsung offering Repair Mode to customers, that they can switch on before their device goes for a repair, is much appreciated by users. 

However, the company hasn’t yet disclosed if it will roll out support for the feature in other regions. Meanwhile, users can do certain repairs themselves when iFixit starts stocking official Samsung parts later this year. 

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